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1Even after inserting the SIM inside, the device is still not working?

You have to push it inside till it goes further.

2My device is not showing connectivity, this is the first time I am switching it on?

For the 1st time, charge the device for minimum 12 hours.

3Can I use any charger and battery?

It is strongly recommended to use original charger and battery.

4The device is not showing any connectivity signals?

For the first time take the device after inserting the sim card in an open area and make sure there is no obstruction to it. Once it receives signals, it will automatically connect and show permanent yellow and blue light.

5Why is the device showing a red light?

Red light means the device is charging.

6There are no lights showing on my device.

This could mean that you do not have the GSM or GSM search net.

7Balloon/Icon is not visible on live page.

You can refresh the page by going back and then coming back to the page again.

8What is the location/ICON hangs and does not show the real location?

You can send “RESET COMMAND: RESET” to the device, ensure the device is in network area. Alternately you can also get the location co-ordinates by send SMS ‘666+password’ to the device SIM No: “Do not share your authentication ID with any person”

9ICON does not move on ‘Live page’?

Normally this happens if the device is indoor and stationary.

10Sometimes the ICON runs from one location to another and come back its initial location.

This may happen when device gets out of network area such as basements, lift etc. It will upload the location as soon as it is connected to the network. Or alternatively you can send ‘666+password’ SMS to the device to get its location.

11How do I access my Health Records ?

First you will have to add your records by following the Add Records section. You have to submit the information asked and take a picture of the record/prescription. After successful uploading, you can retrieve records by submitting the information you would like to retrieve, you can download the record on your mobile if you so desire.

12How many Health Records can I store?

You can earn reward points by uploading your papers on “Upload Papers”. Your paper shall be reviewed by our admin for duplicity and its authentic content and published; on successful publishing the user shall be awarded redeemable points.

13How do I earn reward points by posting Practice papers at Exam Time?

This may happen when device gets out of network area such as basements, lift etc. It will upload the location as soon as it is connected to the network. Or alternatively you can send ‘666+password’ SMS to the device to get its location.

14I haven’t got my next week Diet plan, how many Diet Plans I can get?

You are entitled for only one Diet plan consisting of 4 weeks Diet schedule, they are prepared by Professional dieticians. For further continuation we shall be introducing more Diet Plans soon on nominal chargeable basis. Your next week Diet plan will be sent to you on weekly basis , in case you do not receive it due to any technical glitch, you can place the request on email and we shall help you in providing the same at the earliest .

15I changed the class for my knowledge tips and I want to conduct a test?

After changing class you will not be able to conduct a test for the previous class. User is requested to conduct tests after every 10-15 days. The purpose of conducting tests is to check whether the child/person is registering the tips viewed. It helps in developing good memorizing skills and widening their knowledge horizon.

16How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem points to shop with our associate partners and also for subscription renewals. Please visit “Shop For Free” module for more details.

17I am not able to find a specific Child ailment?

We are in the process of uploading more and more data and may have missed some. Our objective is to provide relevant info to the users available on the net for common child ailments .You may help us by dropping a mail in this regards and we shall add it in our list of ailments.

18My ward is 10 year old; I registered with immunization Schedule, should I follow the schedule sent?

Our objective is to keep the user aware and updated about the importance of these vaccinations so that many who are ignorant are able to provide immunization at the right time for the betterment of the child’s growth. The Schedule followed is as per “Indian Pediatrics Association”. However we further advise the users to please check the immunization schedule as per their pediatricians, as different pediatricians may have different views and advises.

19How do I get Immunization schedule for my second child?

You can get notifications/ Reminders only for one user for which you have submitted the credentials, however you can view the immunization in View all section for others.

20The App sometimes works slowly, what can be the possible reasons?

Please check your Network Connectivity as it works best on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. You can also refresh the app and in case the problem still persists, please drop us a mail at

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